Wisconsin Doulas of Color Collective Official Launch

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT: https://nextdoor.com/events/wi/milwaukee/wisconsin-doulas-of-color-collective-official-launch-784706

The Wisconsin Doulas of Color Collective (WIDOCC), an organization offering accessible and culturally sensitive support for pregnancy, birth and reproductive health experiences for individuals and families in Wisconsin, will hold a launch event Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 2pm-4pm at the Body and Soul Healing Arts Center, 3617 N. 48th St. 

“Doulas” provide education, emotional support, and physical comfort for birth and reproductive experiences. In Wisconsin, infant mortality rates show that African American babies die at three times the rate of their white counterparts. Latino babies die at twice the rate of their white counterparts, with Native and Hmong communities also showing markedly high numbers. Statistics show a positive correlation between the use of a doula and a decrease in infant and maternal mortality rates. In addition, people who use doulas are 28 percent less likely to have a cesarean-section, 31 percent less likely to be induced, 9 percent less likely to receive any pain medication, and 34 percent less likely to refer to their childbirth experience negatively.

WIDOCC’s unique culturally competent care model addresses the staggering pregnancy, birth, and reproductive health disparities for communities of color across the state of Wisconsin. This launch event will highlight the organization’s services, its history as a collective, and the various ways the group and its individual members support people and communities in Wisconsin, both currently and through expanded services going forward. Reproductive health advocates and activists, residents, organizations, nonprofits, and community leaders are encouraged to attend. There will be light refreshments, a brief presentation, information tables, and opportunities for networking.