WIDOCC to Speak at the Natural Birth Conference on July 24th, 2016.

WIDOCC to Speak at the Natural Birth Conference on July 24th, 2016.

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The Wisconsin Doulas Of Color Collective will be speaking at the Natural Birth Conference on July 24th, 2016. They are a village of doulas of color reaffirming birthing people’s power. WiDoCC seeks to uphold accessible and culturally sensitive full ­spectrum support for all pregnancy experiences through radical love for individuals and families of color in Wisconsin. 

We are so excited to have them be a part of this incredible conference! 


Be sure to purchase your tickets today at: https://www.kenoshakidsdoctor.com/index.php/events/register-for-events/item/111-the-natural-birth-conference-by-dr-tahir-and-innerbirth

Night School: Sex Ed for Adults Presents the Wisconsin Doulas of Color of Collective

Night School: Sex Ed for Adults Presents the Wisconsin Doulas of Color of Collective

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Wisconsin Doulas of Color Collective
Presenters: Tasha Bratchett & Sabrina Michelle Foulks-Thomas
Sunday, December 13th at 7pm
Free / 21+

Event Description:
Doulas have had a large impact on the birth outcomes, not only affecting the baby but the mother as well. We would like to share with you the impact a doula has on prenatal education, labor support and postpartum recovery. Come and learn the power of a birth preference guide, labor positions, birth choices and rights we have as parents that are not routinely discussed.  We would also like give you a sneak peak of how doula work can help to decrease the devastating impact infant mortality has among woman of color and how we are just starting to dive deeper into this dual relationship.

Some items that will be discussed:

  • What is a doula? And who can become a doula?
  • What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?
  • Statistics supporting a relationship with a doula
  • Doula support in the antepartum period, labor and postpartum
  • Birth Options/Choices
  • Introduction to a Birth Preference Guide/Birth Plan
  • Labor positions and techniques to facilitate a laboring family
  • How doulas support the other parent
  • Questions/Answers

About the presenters:

Tasha Bratchett: RN, BSN, Doula Trainee

Tasha is has been a Registered Nurse in the State of Wisconsin for 15 years. Tasha obtained her Associates Degree in Nursing from Milwaukee Area Technical College in December 1999.  She has worked as a Registered Nurse in various settings including Trauma/Emergency Medicine, Home Health, Behavioral Health, Pediatrics as well as Long Term Acute Care.  In December 2008 Tasha graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a bachelor’s science in nursing  degree.

Tasha is the mother of five school age children ranging in ages from 7 to 15; her fourth child was born prematurely at 28 weeks.  In 2013 Tasha decided to enroll in Doula training through the International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) and later through DONA International due to her passion for decreasing infant mortality rates in the African American community.

Sabrina Michelle Foulks-Thomas: IBCLC, BD,C PES, Midwife Student
Owner of Birthing Empowerment and Doula Services, LLC and Birth in Color Midwifery and Wellness Collective Founder, Birth in Color Initiative

Sabrina was first introduced to the concept of professional birth work in 2005, following the birth of her daughter. Inspired by her experience, Sabrina began serving the community as a birth doula and has been working with expecting families since 2006. The following year, 2007, Sabrina expanded her ability to support growing families by adding private practice lactation consultant and assisting nursing mothers during the postpartum period.   It was also during this time that Sabrina studied and began processing placentas in a service known as “placental encapsulation”, an increasingly known process that aids women for a more quick recovery (physically and psychologically) in their immediate postpartum period.  Throughout 2007-2008 Sabrina worked educating both hospital staff and administration implement hospital policies that supported local Milwaukee couples to take more control and power over their postpartum recovery.  During the 2008 year Sabrina worked extensively in Milwaukee Count supporting mothers from diverse background through her advocacy and education work in the WIC (Women Infant Children) program in 2008.

Over the past 9 years Sabrina has worked passionately supporting and advocating for families who chose to personalize their birth experience whether they chose birthing at home, in a hospital, or a free standing birth center. Proudly, Sabrina has had the opportunity to offer doula support to families choosing adoption as well. She graduated with a nursing degree from Cardinal Stritch University in 2010 which Sabrina has found to be an outstanding complement to her medical and holistic viewpoints of healthcare. Following the completion of her nursing degree, Sabrina served as a medical missionary in Kenya in 2011. Most recently, she finished her training as a homebirth midwife student and looks forward to serving the Milwaukee and surrounding communities as a Certified Professional Midwife starting in January 2016.

Thorough her nine years working with expecting, birthing and postpartum families, Sabrina has come to the firm belief that birth is an unforgettable experience that forces a woman to surrender her soul to an ultimately inevitable and, potentially, empowering outcome. Paramount to all else Sabrina believes that opportunities of a birth experience deserve to be both explored and available to every woman.

About the Collective:

Creating the perfect birth team requires support with experience, knowledge and compassion. The Wisconsin Doulas of Color Collective provides all three. With over 10 years of combined experience, the women of this collective have collaborated to create your doula dream team. They can be reached directly at WiDoulasOfColor@gmail.com