Our doulas bring a range of skills, passions, and knowledges to a collective commitment to better birth outcomes and reproductive experiences. We have trained dozens of doulas over the years, who serve across the state of Wisconsin and have shared their skills across the world.

Learn about some of our active members below.



Director of Operations

director of operations

DeAnna started her journey into birth work in 2010 as a Baby Planner. From Baby Planning, she began increasing her knowledge, becoming a Certified Child Safety Educator, Certified Doula, and Perinatal Bereavement Specialist. DeAnna is an Advocate for the March of Dimes, she's currently a member of the State of WI F.I.M.R (fetal infant mortality review committee), M.E.A.C (midwifery education accreditation council) on the Clinical Training Taskforce along with Wisconsin Guild of Midwives, in which she has assisted in bringing ICTC to Wisconsin for 15 women of color to gain Full Circle Doula Training. These women have also completed CPR & NRP courses. Together we have formulated the Wisconsin Doulas of Color Collective. Within the collective we have also gained DONA training. DeAnna is also on the Political Advocacy board for the Wisconsin Guild of Midwives, in which they are actively fighting for reimbursement of licensed Midwives under Medicaid in the State of Wisconsin. With all that being said, DeAnna is currently a student midwife serving the underrepresented communities here in the State of Wisconsin.

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Wellness Ambassador

wellness ambassador

Marisa is a passionate Bilingual - fluent in both Spanish and English - Doula that enjoys working with Mothers of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. She enjoys allowing Mothers to learn to relax and connect with the natural, amazing power of their bodies. She is supportive of whatever each Woman, including her partner or family, chooses whether or not it's no interventions, a Hospital Birth, Home Birth, or working with a Midwife. She believes in making your pregnancy and birth experience one that reflects your values individually, culturally, and spiritually—one that you can look back on with positive memories. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Fitness Instructor and offers Prenatal Massage options as well as Prenatal Fitness classes and is passionate about women accepting their bodies and feeling healthy during and after pregnancy; allowing them to mother in an authentic way. She has worked with women with Physical Trauma, depression, and Post-Partum. Marisa received her training with International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) and DONA International.

Marisa is based in Milwaukee, WI.



Director of National Resources

DIRECTOR OF national resources           

Anne is a founding member of WIDOCC who is passionate about healing through herbs, food, and bodywork. She is triple certified in Thai Traditional Womblifting and Herbal Therapies from the Baan Hom Samunphrai School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she studied from 2017-2019. She completed full circle doula training through International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) and birth doula training through Doulas of North America (DONA), and is also Level II Reiki certified with an emphasis on doula care. Anne’s research as a doctoral student focuses on reproductive freedom and healing justice, (abolitionist) doulas and prisons (from Rikers to Palestine), and ways of knowing associated with the body, the womb, and bodily transitions such as birth and death. She seeks to make reproductive experiences spaces of care and dignity for every body, family, and community.

Anne is grateful for her teachers Piyavat Na Phatthalung, Homprang Chaleekanha, Panquetzani Ticitl, and Venice Williams.

She travels frequently between Northern California, Wisconsin, New York, and the South.

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Director of Social Media & Local Resourcing

Director of Social Media & Local Resourcing

Tamara Thompson is an activist, lactation counselor, Doula, childbirth educator, and writer who has lived in Wisconsin since 2004. An interest in birth work grew from the years Tamara spent among peers within the African-American Breastfeeding Alliance of Dane County where social, cultural, and political intersections persistently emerged as factors to the organization's mission being realized.

Tamara attended a doula training led by the International Center for Traditional Childbirth in 2014 and made connections with like-minded people- of their shared visions the Wisconsin Doulas of Color Collective was subsequently formed. Later that year, Tamara co-founded Harambee Village, a community based organization providing direct services in Dane County, WI. Tamara is an aspiring midwife, and is also a founding member of Maroon Calabash, an Afro-Indigenous Birthwork Cooperative.

"I am inspired by the legacies of African American midwives and because of them, I am answering a call to action to join the movement that addresses the many and complex ways race, gender, sexuality, physical ability, citizenship, incarceration, and income differentially affect birth outcomes and access to human milk in my community. I dedicate my energies toward fostering an inclusive and safe environment; advocating for (while practicing) radical self-love, mindfulness, peaceful communication, evidence based, and culturally informed work."  -Tamara N. Thompson

Tamara is based in Dane County, WI.

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Director of Community Outreach & Partnerships

Director of Community Outreach & Partnerships

My name is Monet Williams and I am a founding member of the Wisconsin Doulas of Color Collective. As a doula, student midwife, childbirth educator, and mother myself, I am not here to decide what’s “best” for mom and baby, but rather to provide an opportunity for families to make truly informed decisions that feel right for them. I offer birth and postpartum doula services that include breastfeeding support and helping mom and siblings become acclimated to the new baby. I specialize in teen, single, and plus sized moms.

Monet is based in Milwaukee, WI.

Contact Monet on Facebook at Birth Organically.