Wisconsin Doulas Of Color Collective (WIDOCC) was founded in 2014 by a group of doulas, birthworkers, community workers, midwives, mothers, nurses, healers, college students, artists, and activists of color. We shared a common passion: addressing infant and maternal mortality rates and birth disparities for people of color across the state of Wisconsin. From direct doula care and community outreach, to policy advocacy and rigorous research, this passion still guides our work.


what is a doula?

A doula provides information, physical and emotional support, and advocacy for individuals and their partners during and after the birthing process. Unlike other practitioners such as obstetricians, nurses, and midwives, those with doula training do not give medical advice or have clinical duties. However, they provide critical support and assistance during labor and birth, making the process easier for the practitioner and the soon to be parents.


Our Mission

Wisconsin Doulas Of Color Collective (WIDOCC) is a village of doulas of color reaffirming birthing people’s power. WIDOCC seeks to uphold accessible and culturally sensitive full­ spectrum support for all pregnancy experiences through radical love for individuals and families of color in Wisconsin.

The collective is committed to creating opportunities for women to support one another without fear of judgment.
— Naomi Waxman, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service

WIDOCC's focus

is supporting our clients and community, as well as our member doulas and their individual practices. As a collective, we provide a safe, compassionate environment for professional doulas to learn, share, and grow.